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We strongly believe in giving appropriate vaccines to your child for all vaccines-preventable diseases. Parents concern(s) about any of the Vaccines For Children (VFC), AAP & CDC recommended vaccines should always be brought-up and discussed with your child’s primary care provider/doctor.

Properly keeping/storing the respective vaccines in their prescribed storage temperatures to ensure their effectiveness is of prime importance to all of us here at Care-Well Pediatrics, LLC. With the use of VFC prescribed vaccines storage refrigerators and storage thermometers, we check and/or monitor our Vaccines Storage facilities and record their temperature at least thrice a day. We religiously use up-to-date ‘check sheets’ and regularly conduct monthly physical inventory to make sure we always have ample supply of current (by removing those that are expired) & effective vaccines for your precious little ones.

In total support of ‘Vaccines For Children’ immunization program, & upon the parents/guardians agreement, the following vaccines will be administered to your child usually coinciding with their ‘Well Care’ check-ups visits:

Total Qty.Vaccines GivenChild's Age
6DTAP2 mos., 6 mos., 6 mos., 15 mos., 4 y.o., & 11 y.o.
2Hepatitis A15 mos. & 6 mos. after
3Hepatitis B2 mos., 4 mos., & 6 mos.
4HIB2 mos., 4 mos., 6 mos., & 15 mos.
2HPV11 y.o. & 6 mos. after
4IPV (Polio)2 mos., 4 mos., 6 mos., & 4 y.o.
2MMR1 y.o. & 4 y.o.
4PCV13 mos., 4 mos., 6 mos., & 15 mos.
2Varicella (Chicken Pox)12 mos., & 4 y.o.
1Seasonal Flu VaccineAnnually during flu season (September – December)

To minimize the total number of shots your child(ren) gets during each of their visit, we as much as possible always make it a point to give them ‘combination vaccines’.

To help you understand and appreciate these above-mentioned vaccines and why they are recommended for your child(ren), we always provide your with the most up-to-date Vaccines Information Sheets and counsel you on its possible after effects and how to handle them.

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